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Abbas Nokhasteh

Abbas Nokhasteh is a curator, filmmaker and producer. In 2006, he founded Openvizor, an international non-profit arts and cultural organisation currently working in over 15 countries. Openvizor builds multi-disciplinary partnerships that combine practical knowledge and research in collaborations exploring new ways to express, educate and organise from the ground up.

Atique Choudhury

A property Developer for almost 40 years and an Award winning restaureatuer for over 25 years – Mr. Atique Choudhury has been a success story in the hospitality and property development business. Mayor’s best in the business award – 2010 and best Thai Restaurant awards numerous times are just a few to name. Recently Yum Yum Thai Restaurant owned by Mr. Atique won the best Thai restaurant category in the Asian Curry awards 2012. Yum Yum is the largest Thai restaurant in UK with over 400 seats and has celeberated its 20th Anniversary in 2012.

Enamul Hoque

Enamul Hoque is a photographer based in London.He has been a professional photographer since 1989 and has worked on numerous campaigns for brands such as General Motors, Kodak, Nike, Sony, Virgin, Unilever, YKK among others.His photographic work has been featured in various international magazines, exhibitions and museums.Hoque is also a film maker and a partner in Underbelly Film and has been making and producing films since 2003.

Haroon Choudhury

Haroon has worked in the catering sector for over twenty five years. He has been operations &  training  manager for various restaurant chains. Currently focusing on the younger British Bangladeshi to get to know a little more about their heritage and traditions hence involvement in Oitijjo project.

John Baker

Leader of Leabank Project, a not-for-profit organisation working in the area of the River Lea in Tower Hamlets, London. John seeks to engage and represent ordinary people in planning and development, prepares young people for careers especially in construction, and undertakes ‘community projects’. Educated in the life and medical sciences, he retains interests in community health, has served as a housing association director, and enthusiastically promotes cross-cultural cohesion.

Maher Anjum

Maher’s work has spread across UK’s public, private and international business sectors. Maher coordinates actions, events and strategy to encourage and assist businesses to invest in Bangladesh and those from Bangladesh in the UK. Maher believes in implementing practical sustainable practices and solutions based on evidence and stakeholder engagement.

Nazmus Saquib Chowdhury

Nazmus Saquib Chowdhury is another half of Paraa, coordinating the Bangladesh side of things- leading the on-going projects, coordinating and supporting Ruhul in London. He is a practicing architect and founding director of Paraa. He has completed his graduation on Bachelor of Architecture from BRAC University and post graduation on Architecture in Rapid Change and Scarce Resources from London Metropolitan University. He has the passion to succeed in establishing design strategies and planning that will enable to alleviate poverty. He prefer swimming for recreation.

Ruhul Abdin

One half of Paraa, coordinating the london side of things – co-ordinating and supporting Nazmus in Dhaka.  My aspirations are linked closely with being a leader in the built environment, working towards shaping policy of Bangladesh and collaborating with a diverse range of practices. I randomly meditate intensely to de-stress :s

Runi Khan

 After a successful career for over 30 years in the financial sector & international trade and global marketing, Runi followed her passion for the arts with primary focus on securing a sustainable place for Bangladesh’s cultural heritage in the global cultural arena. Productions across art form aim to achieve world class standards and are creatively innovative.In Bangladesh Culturepot Global draws on artists from less privileged backgrounds, who are hugely talented but have little exposure or opportunity, with a view to developing their creative abilities and facilitate visibility on a global stage – branding Bangladesh through its culture right down to roots.

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