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State of Bengal

Band opening night- Friday 22nd 7pm

State Of Bengal is one of the Key DJ / Producers to have emerged from the Cutting Edge British Asian Music scene that emerged in the late 90’s that gave birth to the ‘Asian Underground’ movement. His reputation as one of the most innovative and pioneering artists is still held today as he continues to pushes the boundaries with his varied projects and albums.


State of Bengal was set up in 1987 after Sam returned to London from a visit to the village of Noakhali in Bangladesh where he met and interacted with traditional musicians and dancers. Inspired and drawing from his experiences Sam set up a sound system, which included rappers, Dj’s, dancers and musicians. The team mixed Bengali and Western street style dance to create a style that reflected the diverse facets and synergy between the 2 cultures in the UK at that time. The sound system developed its repertoire and found its identity as state Of Bengal. Two of the Rappers / Mc’s to emerge from the sound system were Mc Deedar ( who went onto Asian Foundation and Mc Mustaq who became the lead rapper for Fun^Da^Mental.

During this period Sam also worked intensely with Asian youth groups in London’s East End, setting up music training workshops, where he helped to develop the skills of rappers, singers, and Dj’s many of whom went onto become some of the ‘core ‘ DJ’s of the Asian Underground Scene. Concepts for State Of Bengal continued to develop, creating a definitive style of music that drew from a multitude of influences in his role as Dj and producer that brought him a strong fan base.


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