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Oitij-jo is being organised jointly by:

Led by Maher Anjum, BBF/UK aims to provide logistical & strategic advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses interested in exploring opportunities of ‘Doing Business with Bangladesh’. In particular:
* An ‘introductory service’ which will allow the development of partnerships & collaborations between Bangladeshi & UK/ European companies
* Assistance with setting up a business or marketing product & services in Bangladesh/ Asia/ UK/ Europe
* Marketing, promotion, branding strategy and training for businesses looking to enter the UK market as well as those looking to set up in Bangladesh/ Asia/ Europe

Culturepot Global
Culturepot Global brings together emerging and established artists drawing from the rich diversity of London and the vast cultural landscape of Bangladesh, opening up sustainable cultural dialogues. Culturepot events, whilst purely artistic in their making, also raise awareness of social and political issues within the art form itself or by association with advocacy partners. The driving team spearheaded by Runi Khan are all Londoners with serious commitment to the arts and aim to:
* provide a platform for an organic process of collaboration within and across art form between artists from around the world right down to grass root talents of Bangladesh, breaking away from the stereotype.
* ensure that while all productions carry a distinct Bangladeshi flavour of old traditions, they are contemporary and inclusive, focused on innovation and high quality standards for a global outreach.

Enamul Hoque
Enamul Hoque is a photographer based in London.He has been a professional photographer since 1989 and has wored on numerous campaigns for brands such as General Motors, Kodak, Nike, Sony, Virgin, Unilever, YKK among others.His photographic work has been featured in various international magazines, exhibitions and museums.Hoque is also a film maker and a partner in Underbelly Film and has been making and producing films since 2003.

Abbas Nokhasteh founded Openvizor in 2006, an international non-profit arts and cultural organisation currently working in over 15 countries. Openvizor builds multi-disciplinary partnerships that combine practical knowledge and research in collaborations exploring new ways to express, educate and organise from the ground up.

Paraa is a social enterprise that enhances space for communities through multi-disciplinary practice in Bangladesh. It aims to provide better built environmental solutions for poor communities to improve their standards of living. Paraa also provide architectural and design services to the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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