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Co Existence Tarannum Ali Exhibition Final Amended Logos RA27Jul2017



Private View: Thursday 3rd August 2017  – 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Exhibition on-going until 31 September 2017

VENUE: GRAM BANGLA, 68 Brick Lane, E1 6RL

Oitij-jo is excited to be hosting Photographer Tarannum Ali Nibir as part of their ongoing exhibitions at Gram Bangla, Brick Lane. Nibir is a photographer with a keen focus on issues around social justice and explorations of the self.  In this exhibition, we are exploring her worlds, the urban and the natural. The exhibition highlights and contrasts the busy-ness of the city with the calmness of nature and how Nibir has learned to navigate between the two.  This is what Nibir has to say about her pursuit to capture photographs that represent her worlds:

‘I was born in a city, a proper city with buildings and cars and supermarkets. I was born in Dhaka, a city as chaotic as it can be. At times it made me hopeless, restless and suffocated. Sometime it was hard to breathe. But the people, the chaos and my memories made it a part of my identity.

Through my camera, I try to seek and capture beauty in serenity. Pictures can be expressions of untold stories. I discovered beautiful calmness in the silent pictures, which allows to cherish the moment. We often pass a place without listening to it, without seeing the beauty which are not highlighted for attention. I keep searching for peace. In the mountains I find it in nature. In Dhaka, it was hard to find peace, but then I learned to find it in unnoticed quiet corners often blended in the chaos.  In this series, I tried to capture the contrast, also the different forms of life both of these world offer me. I co-exist with the opposites, at times it is a struggle, sometimes it is a blessing.’


Nibir was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has been photographing and filming for the last ten years, mostly on personal projects. She has been involved in projects with Paraa in relation to vulnerable urban children, pavement dwellers, documenting of craft artisans and is currently working in collaborative projects across Bangladesh. She has a degree in Media and Mass Communications, and she has been exploring film-making, especially in relation to participatory methods.

This exhibition is in collaboration with: 

GRAM BANGLA 68 Brick Lane, E1 6RL, +44 7958325826 @grambangla
Authentic Bangladeshi fish restaurant speciality fresh water fish from Bangladesh. It is the first restaurant to specifically cater for the need of the Bangladeshi community particularly amongst the young professionals.

CM MEDIA 470 Railway Arch, Cantrell Road, London E3 4BN, 0208 981 4035

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CM Media is the print partner for this exhibition. 

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