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Oitij-jo’s Vision:

Oitij-jo will present creative excellence and achievement of Bengali traditions in the arts and crafts, by all means to enrich and enhance their present perception and to ensure and prosper their lively practice.

Oitij-jo’s Mission:

Seek to reward the needs and fulfil the demands of practitioners in their pursuit of excellence.

Encourage and facilitate both innovation and research in the arts and crafts.

Encourage and facilitate collaboration and exploration between practitioners, across cultures and disciplines.

Assert the important contribution of lively arts and crafts, especially as these will be explored by young practitioners, to prospects for the Bengali Diaspora in the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield, and for people generally of all the regions it reaches.

Engage, inform and enthuse receptive audiences, from all backgrounds and in all places.

Assert the right and duty of the willing artist conscientiously to reflect upon truth, justice and dignity in the conduct of human life, equally as this right and duty may be claimed and asserted by others.

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